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Videotel is not only the leading manufacturer of industrial digital media players and interactive digital signage solutions, we are also consumers. Nothing frustrates our team more than trying to call for technical support when we need it. The typical scenario is that you call a number and you are dumped into this mile long automated phone system. After pressing a dozen buttons you are put on hold. When someone finally answers they realize they can't help you are transferred to another level of support. After 20 minutes on the phone you are totally frustrated and vow to never call again.

You will be pleased to know that's not us! At Videotel we encourage you to pick up the phone, dial our number, press an extension and we will help you immediately. It doesn’t matter what our role, we will take your call and answer your questions.  And yes, even our CEO looks forward to talking with you.
Mark Schneider  

Mark Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Schneider joined Videotel, Inc. in 1991 as the Director of Operations. Mark was not only instrumental as the driving force to the growth of the company, but also instrumental to the development of Videotel’s product line. Mark became Co Owner of Videotel in 2006 and appointed Chief Executive Officer.  Mark is passionate about niche hardware growth and has been at the forefront of audio and video development for over 20 years, at both executive and senior management level.

Mark is grateful to have experience existing in the deep trenches of Videotel since the early 1990s and understands all facets of what it takes to run a long-term successful business.

As CEO, Mark is leading Videotel’s transformation to become a world class niche digital signage company which not only dominates the mainstream solid state digital signage player market, but is also expanding its reach into both the low-end and higher-end digital signage markets to insure that Videotel offers reliable and cost effective solutions for any size organization.

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Lisa Schneider

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lisa Schneider was appointed Vice President of Sales in February 2011, after being at the forefront of Videotel’s sales efforts in the USA for 4 years.  Most recently, Lisa has served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing and has been the main driver in building Videotel’s strategic partnerships and new sales and account management.

Lisa has over a decade of sales leadership experience in managing sales channels and technological product sales in various industries. Lisa is instrumental to the success of Videotel's global sales, including strategic sales, direct sales, and channel sales. She has a contagious positive spirit with extensive knowledge, experience, & relentless determination in building trusting business relationships.  Lisa holds a Bachelor in Business Communication from California State Fullerton.

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Lisa Schneider


Dori-Shea Blymeyer


Dori Shea-Blymeyer

Executive Assistant

Dori Shea-Blymyer is Videotel’s "right hand" as it pertains to all facets of administrative support related to sales, marketing and customer service. Dori joined Videotel in January of 2017 and was appointed as the Account Manager and Administrative Assistant to our CEO and VP of Sales and Marketing. Dori serves as positive forefront of Videotel’s sales and marketing support teams. Dori is contributory across all aspects of Videotel's business. She is a fundamental part of our overall culture and at the center of assisting in Videotel’s marketing strategy.

Dori holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts from Christopher Newport University

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Travis McMahand

Chief Technology Officer

Travis McMahand began his journey at Videotel as a service technician back in 1989.  Within 7 years as the forefront of Videotel’s technical support team, Travis was appointed CTO in 1996. Travis is responsible for our customer experience across all aspects of Videotel's business.  He ensures that customer value is a fundamental part of Videotel's culture and at the heart of all that Videotel does.

With over 25 years of experience software and hardware development, combined with a deep understanding and expertise in the Audio Video industry, Travis has been an integral member of Videotel’s R&D since the late 1990s.

He is instrumental to supporting our subscription business and the delivery of outstanding technical support that exceeds the needs of our customers.

Travis is the champion of Videotel’s technical and developments team.  In his trademark quietly passionate style, he is leading force in providing exceptional support to our customers.

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Travis McMahand


Carol Yaji


Karie Sorensen


Karie Sorensen started her career in Business Office Administration.  She has spent the past 15 years in Accounting.  Karie brings with her the acquired experience and skills set in Bookkeeping, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Office Management, and Human Resources.  She has worked in a variety of industries such as, Television/Media, Restaurant, and Retail.  Karie joined Videotel in March of 2017.


In this role as Videotel’s Bookkeeper, Karie is responsible for Accounts Payable, and Receivables.  She also provides excellent accounting support to our customers, vendors, as well as a variety of services to our overall organization.

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Aaron Morgan

Shipping Manager

Aaron Morgan joined 2002.  Aaron is Videotel’s  key resource to ensuring our customers shipment of goods are spot on 100%.  This means that orders are shipped without errors and packages are delivered in perfect condition with each and every delivery. This is why Aaron is was appointed for the day to day operations of our shipping and receiving departments including packaging, freight schedules, and deliveries. Aaron oversees communication with trucking and other shipping companies for efficient and timely pickups/deliveries.  Aaron is critical to the success to ensure that accurate inventory cycles counts are maintained and that our customers needs are met.   Aaron is exceptional at being the forefront our productive shipping department.

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Aaron Morgan


Mike Lascu


Mike Lascu

Lead Engineer

Mike Lascu joined Videotel in 2004 and brings over 18 years of enterprise software & hardware experience to Videotel’s development team. Mike was instrumental in designing our non touch screen panel that senses human fingers through standard glass.  Mike also designed our exclusive Wave2Play proximity sensor and weight sensor for our interactive digital signage solutions. Additionally Mike designed the integration of pillow speaker systems for our UL Approved industrial HD2600 Healthcare DVD player.  Mike continues to specialize in providing hardware architecture, product direction and mentoring while keeping hardware technology modern, inexpensive and sustainable.

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Edgar Pueblo

Lead AV Technician

Edgar Pueblo joined Videotel in 1999 and brings over 15 years of extensive experience as a Senior AV Lead Technician.  Edgar is responsible for providing top notch testing and repairs for all things AV.  Edgar is a critical part of the final testing phases for our customer’s custom designed solutions to insure they exceed our customer’s expectations   Edgar additionally is our driving force to assemble any and all custom solutions from harnesses, to motion sensors, to custom circuit boards, wiring, testing our server racks and programing of custom STBs.  He is outstanding in creating, directing and managing complex engineering projects and products, and has been Videotel’s right hand for our AV technical team.


Edgar Pueblo


Videotel Digital • 681 Anita Street Suite #104 • Chula Vista, CA  91911

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Our Customers Love Us...
  • Science Museum of Oklahoma testimonial
    Most of our units have been replaced with Videotel equipment, many of which are still operating more than three years, as opposed to the few months we received from regular players.

    Gary Jones / Exhibits Techniican
    Science Museum of Oklahoma
  • Criswell Automotive testimonial
    Digital signage in the automotive retail industry is critical to advertising and brand awareness. Choosing hardware from Videotel has provided consistent performance and results.

    Chris Faber / IT Director
    Criswell Automotive
  • Caesars Entertainment Corporation testimonial
    We have had the VP71 industrial media player running 24/7 since February 2014 without a hiccup or reboot

    Terry Wilkie / Technical director of entertainment for the Las Vegas Region
    Caesars Entertainment Corporation
  • President / TTC INC/ The Travelers Channel testimonial
    In the past (5) years, our company TTC INC/The Travelers Channel has purchased about 100 DVD Videotel units. The company operates a 24 hour visitors channel called The Travelers Channel in hotels, the Videotel DVD player has been the answer to our prayers. The DVD player runs 24 hours a day, like a fine Swiss watch. And if there is a power outage, the unit comes right back on without a manual reset. The Videotel DVD player also plays all formats of DVD discs without any problems. I highly recommend these units to any one.

    Al D'Conti
    President / TTC INC/ The Travelers Channel
  • Audio Visual Manager / Foxwoods Resort Casino / MGM testimonial
    We have DVD players scattered throughout a massive property in retail and promotional areas. In the past, after a power interruption, a technician would have to physically walk to each location and power the units on. The units are not located in the most ideal locations. The life expectancy was only several months. We purchased our first Videotel DVD player several years ago and have not touched it again. I have since replaced all the units with Videotel players. The new V2200 is more compact and easier to place in tight areas. It has one simple job – PLAY, REPEAT. It is a great product at an affordable price!

    Gregory Houle
    Audio Visual Manager / Foxwoods Resort Casino / MGM
  • United Grinding testimonial
    I think that this unit has been phenomenal. We used several home based systems that would soon fail and we had almost daily problems. Now that we have switched. I do believe that our failure of DVD front side has never failed.

    United Grinding
  • KG Fitness testimonial
    We have 4 different channels in our fitness center that play prere corded content. We used to buy new DVD players almost every month as they would die after 24hour daily use. Now with the industrial DVD players they run nonstop trouble free and are simple for our non technical staff to use. I would highly recommend there (I actually did to another gym) to anyone who needs constant play.

    Yehuda Fulda
    KG Fitness
  • Strike Industries, Inc. testimonial
    We have had great success using your Industrial DVD player. We use it for an incredibly simple application, but the durability and reliability of your player is a requirement. I like the new look as well.

    Michael E. Black / Vice President
    Strike Industries, Inc.
  • Skin Laundry testimonial
    From the minute I found Videotel on the internet I was excited. Finally something that looked simple and reliable.  It literally took 5 minutes from opening the box to get rid of all the previous pain and frustration. I will strongly recommend Videotel to anybody looking for a looping video solution. It's incredibly simple to setup, there is no strain on valuable bandwidth, and best of all it never falters.

    Chris Carey / CEO
    Skin Laundry
  • Renaissance Hotels testimonial
    We installed the HD2600 players the same day we received them. I installed the disc, pushed the power button and that was the last time I touched them. They are awesome.

    Jeff Becher / Director Of Engineering
    Renaissance Hotels
  • Rockwell Collins testimonial
    The industrial DVD player from Videotel has been helping my company to reduce several hours of downtime in the test stations that need to reproduce DVD movies continuously for 48 hours.

    Fidel Arrendondo Castro / Facilities Engineer
    Rockwell Collins
  • Ovation In Store testimonial
    Moving to solid state media players, the VP71 is now our "GO TO" player for all of our retail and commercial applications where video is looped. I've personally tested the player thinking of worst possible situations, and it's passed them all.

    Joe Miklos / Technical Director
    Ovation In Store
  • Rainbow Sandals testimonial
    From the moment of contact with Videotel they not only provided us with exceptional customer service but, Videotel’s products are incredibly reliable and simple to operate. We chose Videotel’s VP70 series media players to display educational videos to our retail customers and we couldn’t be happier with the solution.

    Pat Huber / Director
    Rainbow Sandals